Nachi Solenoid Valve

Nachi Solenoid Valves Series
  1. Very long life. The movable iron core of the wet type solenoid is immersed in oil, which keeps it lubricated and cushions it from impact and vibration, ensuring very long life.
  2. Low switching noise. The wet-type solenoid valve provides very low core switching noise, for quiet operation.
  3. High pressure, large capacity, with minimal pressure loss. Comprehensive fluid reaction force compensation and low pressure compensation construction provide large capacity and low pressure loss. G01 : 35MPa{357kgf/cm2}100ℓ/min G03 : 35MPa{357kgf/cm2} 160ℓ/min
  4. Easy connections. A special wiring box provides a COM port and indicator light as standard for simple wiring and maintenance.
  5. Easy coil replacement. A plug-in type coil enables one-touch coil replacement.
  6. Wide-ranging backward compatibility makes it simple to replace previous valve models with this one. Combining this valve with a modular valve contributes to the compact configuration of the overall device.
  7. Compliant with global and international safety regulations (G01 size CE, UL, CSA, and G03 size UL). Can be used safely around the world. 
  8. Contact us for models and specifications of compliant products.

Available Types for Nachi Solenoid Valves Series: 
  • SS Series (Wiring System: Central Terminal Box) Wet Type Solenoid Valve
  • SA Series (Wiring System: DIN Connector Type) Wet Type Solenoid Valve
  • SE Series (Wiring System: Central Terminal Box) Lower Power Solenoid Valve
  • SED Series (Wiring System: DIN Connector Type) Lower Power Solenoid Valve 
  • SL Series (Wiring System: Central Terminal Box)Lower Power Solenoid Valve 
  • DSS (DSA) 22 Design Series Solenoid Control Valve

NACHI SS-G03-A3X-R-C230-J22
NACHI SS-G03-C9-D2-R-J22
NACHI SS-G01-C5-C230-40
NACHI SS-G01-C7Y-R-C115-40
NACHI SA-G01-A3X-D2-40
NACHI SA-G01-C6-D1-40
NACHI SL-G01-C5-R-C1-31
NACHI SL-G01-C6S-R-C1-31
NACHI S-G01-A3X-GRZ-D2-5456D
NACHI S-G01-B3X-GRZ-D2-5456C
NACHI S-G01-C5-GRZ-D2-33
NACHI DSS-G06-A3X-C115-22
NACHI DSS-G06-C4-C230-22
NACHI DSS-G06-C5-C230-22
NACHI DSA-G04-C6-D2-22

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